The Global Cultural Imperative

What is Culture?

All of us are part of a culture (our in-group) and have culture – but we often don’t think about our culture until we bump up against difference. This can make us insular in our perspectives of others who share space with us in our world. There is a wonderful scene in the film, The… Continue Reading

Cultural Dimensions and Continuous Learning

Rubbing shoulders with top interculturalists has given me renewed appreciation for and confidence in teaching about cultural dimensions. What are cultural dimensions? Cultural Dimensions theory is a framework that helps us understand the differences and commonalities between cultural groups (most often referred to as countries). Dr. Geert Hofstede a pioneer in this field and is… Continue Reading

The Paradox of Immigration

“Immigration is a controversial issue and perhaps the most controversial and emotional issue confronting both the advocates and the opponents of globalization.” This statement written back in 2008 (Paradoxes of Culture and Globalization) by professor emeritus, Martin J. Gannon (California State University San Marcos) seems almost prophetic. With the events of the last week regarding terrorist attacks in… Continue Reading

How Do We Achieve Cultural Competence? My Game Plan…

I just returned from Singapore where I had the privilege of speaking to a group of global leaders at a dynamic conference for executive business education  At the beginning plenary the Dean from INSEAD (France), Dr. Ilian Mihov, and the Dean from the National University of Singapore, Dr. Bernard Yeung, both gave thoughtful presentations,… Continue Reading

Halloween and Cultural Appropriation

Halloween has become a community-centered activity for families to interact with others in their neighborhoods as kids don costumes and go out to trick-or-treat. It originated over 2000 years ago as a pagan Celtic holiday known as Samhain (pronounced “sah-win” in Gaelic) where people celebrated the end of the harvest and the beginning of winter, which… Continue Reading

Control or Constraint: Environment and Culture

The headline caught my attention:  “Today’s big storms are causing unprecedented damage.  We should learn to live with it.”  (Cities Built to Endure Disaster, by Greg IP, WSJ, 10.10.15, C3).  The article contemplates the delicate balance of sustaining communities in places that are inherently dangerous. Rather than be surprised when calamity strikes we can take… Continue Reading

Education Is A Gift

Education is a gift. Education is an honor.  Education is often taken for granted. Last night I watched a heartwarming documentary called, On the Way to School. A film by Pascal Plisson (2013, Netflix), it chronicled four sets of children and their long and arduous journeys – every day – to attain what most of… Continue Reading

The Global Cultural Imperative

    The Economist Intelligence Unit is a leader in pursuing the global cultural imperative, knowing that in today’s global marketplace we need to be better equipped to handle the complexity of dealing with cultural differences.  Its landmark survey of over 500 global executives in 2012[1] examined their organizations’ current level of cross-border engagement as well… Continue Reading