compass-mini“Communication is the real work of leadership.”
Nitin Nohria, Dean of Harvard University

It is now a cliché to say that the world is shrinking and that we live in a global village – the world has already shrunk and the current reality is that we live in a side-by-side global market place where difference and variety abound.

  • Intercultural communication skills are a key factor in determining success whether you work abroad or interact with diverse colleagues, employees and clients at home.
  • Knowing underlying issues of values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors can help you become more successful within a diverse society.
  • Our communication strategy and communication training generates results.

Would you like to have less frustration and more satisfaction with colleagues? Would you like to be more effective at work? Would you like to unlock the mystery of why interactions and relationships fall flat at work?

What do you need to do? Keep clicking – explore this site in more detail and discover the many ways that Global Biz Leader can help you develop the kind of intercultural communication skills you’ve always wanted.

bgt Notre Dame Online Executive Certificate Course

If you have good functional skills and consider yourself a “people person,” then everything will naturally fall into place, right? Not necessarily. What you don’t see can diminish effective communication and damage your career or organization. Communication breakdowns can lead to legal issues, decreased employee morale and even a lack of product performance.

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